Rowlands Funeral Services | Pre-Payment Plans
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Pre-Payment Plans

Our Independent Funeral Plans are safeguarded by Golden Charter who are the leading independent provider of funeral plans in the UK.


There are several important benefits:


  • Avoids rising costs. Funerals have risen by 88% over the last 10 years
  • Peace of mind. Making a plan for your own funeral helps your family avoid difficult decisions and prevent any financial worries about funeral costs.
  • Pay a guaranteed price. Apart from items over which we have no control, no matter how much costs increase in the future, your family will have nothing more to pay for the services we provide in your plan.
  • For further information please call us on 01730 262711 or pop into our office on St. Peters Road for an information pack.  Alternatively we can come to your home, if it is more convenient.




Rather than paying for the funeral in advance you can choose to have the cost settled by the estate. You can leave instructions about music, hymns, flowers and once the details have been decided, simply inform your next of kin that the details are with us at Rowland’s who are here to help.